The Company

Hellbergs was founded 1950 in Sweden by Mr Kurt Hellberg. The production first consisted in making heavy security doors and components for air raid shelters in Sweden. A few years later we made our very first fire test for doors to the building industry in Scandinavia. In the 60's we began to develop and manufacture fire doors for the ship- and offshore market. One of our early deliveries was to the famous M/S Queen Elisabeth 2 (QE2). Since then we have delivered doors to every kind of vessels and offshore platforms, including mega yachts such as M/Y Octopus among others.

Today Hellbergs International AB in Sweden is the R&D and sales company for Hellbergs doors.
The doors are produced in Hellbergs factory in Mellerud, Sweden and at choosen Licensed Manufacturers on specific markets.
In our office in Sweden we take the role as Project Coordinator.

We strive to be the most reliable partner before, during and after your project.

Our aim and ambition are that Hellbergs shall always be known for doors with high quality and nice appearance - doors you can rely on.




Hellbergs supply marine doors and fire proof doors such as A-class hinged single doors, A-class hinged double doors, A-class gastight doors, A-class sliding single doors, A-class sliding double doors, B-class hinged single and C-class doors.

We also supply a range of spraytight doors, weathertight doors and watertight doors. We supply spare parts such as locks, electromagnetic door holders, door closers, tracks, wheel hangers etc.
We also supply Gislaved Decor M-1320 PVC foils and Oras bathroom products.



We supply doors and hardware world-wide on regular basis.
Hellbergs is a flexible organisation with a service-minded way of doing business.

We aim to be the best partner and supplier before, during and after your project!